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At, we build iPhone and Android apps for public health departments throughout the U.S. Our apps range from “Scale Back”-type health and wellness apps to apps aimed at making your state’s WIC system easier to navigate for participants.

Through a variety of push notification types, is able to put your information right where your citizens will see it – on their smartphones. Notifications appear even if the app isn’t currently in use, providing real-time communication.

Additionally, your app isn’t created as a “one size fits all” solution. We learn about your agency or department and tailor an app that best fits your needs. However, should those needs change, your app is scalable and can grow with you. As technology changes, so do we – adding functionality that benefits our clients and their citizens.

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Benefits of Having a Custom App

Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to get important information out to your constituents easily and efficiently. With our simple control panel, you can send notifications to everyone who has your app. A push notification is the fastest method of communicating with constituents.

Comprehensive Communication

Pairing a custom mobile app with your existing social media presence gives your office a comprehensive communication plan for your citizens. You’re able to reach your citizens where they are – on their smartphones.

Ease of Use

A custom mobile app is easier to use than you think, and requires no knowledge of coding or programming. With our simple desktop control panel, you’re in control of your communications. In fact, most offices are surprised by how little time it takes to manage an app.

System Integration

A custom mobile app can work seamlessly with many of your existing systems. When you update your existing system, your app is updated automatically – there’s no extra work for you.

Custom Development

We build apps that custom for you and your department. WE work with you to determine features and technologies that will help a custom app be an asset to your office.

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